THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2006 - Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle, Number 21, was terminated at Little Rock in the predawn hours, then turned to become the northbound Eagle Number 22, scheduled to leave Little Rock at midnight. Apparently, UP had a freight mishap in Texas. Passengers to Texas were bused from Little Rock and later the passengers from Texas to Chicago were bused to Little Rock to catch Number 22 at midnight. Shown is the train, which sat at Union Station in Little Rock all day Thursday, Feb 16.  Photos by Ken Ziegenbein.
   Of note, temperatures were in the lower 70s today, but by the time the train left at midnight, it was down to 39 degrees. An ice storm was also likely the coming weekend of February 18 and 19.

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Amtrak's Texas Eagle, Number 22, sits at the Amtrak station (Union Station) in Little Rock on Thursday, February 16, 2006. This was originally No. 21, the southbound Eagle, which was terminated in Little Rock in the predawn hours the same day and turned to become the northbound No. 22. It sat at the station all day. Consist was: Locomotive No. 8, Transition Sleeper 39043, Dining Car 38034, Sightseer Lounge 33029, Coach 31041, Coach 34004, Sleeping Car 32021.  RIGHT- UP 4287 was sitting on the same track, reason unknown.

UP 4287 on the same Amtrak siding.  RIGHT-Looking to the east with Union Station to the right. This station contains the Amtrak station on the ground floor, but all the other space is rented to various businesses.

No, I didn't colorize the grass. It's been unusually warm all winter.  RIGHT-It's rare to see Amtrak here in Little Rock in daylight. Usually the northbound comes at midnight and the southbound at 4:30 a.m. This train is headed north to Chicago.

Sightseer Lounge 33029.