Here is a collection of photos I took, mainly in 1974, of Arkansas railroad rights-of-way, some still containing track, some showing only the roadbeds (only one or two rolling stock).  There were a few still in use, but these photos just show the track and any stations that were around then (32 years ago when this site was put online in November of 2006). These photo trips were inspired by Gene Hull's book "Shortline Railroads of Arkansas," first edition, printed in 1969.
   I've created a separate web page of each line for quicker viewing. One thing to keep in mind....back in 1974, a standard way of printing was to use a matte photo paper, and that's how all these were printed (I don't know where the negatives are). As a result, you'll see some lines in each photo of the matted surface of the photo paper. All photos taken by Ken Ziegenbein. This webpage Copyright Ken Ziegenbein.

1) Dardanelle & Russellville Railway (October 18, 1974, Dardanelle, Arkansas)

2) Arkansas Central (October 19, 1974 at Barling, Lavaca, Paris, Arkansas)
3) Fort Smith, Subiaco & Eastern (Scranton, Arkansas)

4) Little Rock & Hot Springs Western - "Hot Western" (October 26, 1974 at Lonsdale, Arkansas)

5) Hot Springs, Glenwood & Western (October 26, 1974, at Pearcy, Crossroads, Welsh, Glenwood, Arkansas)

6) Rock Island (one photo at Jones Mill, Arkanas of depot, October 26, 1974)

7) Fayetteville & Little Rock (October 28, 1974 at St. Paul and Fayette Junction near Fayetteville, Arkansas)

8) Kansas City & Memphis (October 28, 1974 west of Fayetteville, near Elm Springs and south of Cave Springs, Arkansas)

9) Arkansas & Oklahoma (October 29, 1974 near Bentonville, Arkansas)

10) Arkansas Northwestern (October 29, 1974 between Rogers and Bentonville, Arkansas)

11) Missouri & North Arkansas (October 29 and November 1, 1974 two miles west of Beaver at old trestle with tracks still in place, at Beaver,  depot at Eureka Springs before 'modern' tracks were there, St. Joe, Gilbert with old water tower foundation, depot in Marshall, Leslie, Fargo (with tracks of the Cotton Plant & Fargo still there)

12) Jonesboro, Lake City & Eastern (October 31, 1974, eight miles west of Lake City, Arkansas, and just east of Jonesboro)

13) Ashley, Drew & Northern (November 4, 1974 near Monticello, Arkansas)

14) Warren & Ouachita Valley (November 4, 1974 near Warren, Arkansas, on first railroad grade to be chartered in Arkanas-1852)

15) Warren & Saline River Railroad (November 4, 1974 south of Warren, Arkansas)

16) El Dorado & Wesson Railroad (November 4, 1974 two miles southwest of El Dorado, Arkansas)

17) Louisiana & Northwestern Rwy (November 4, 1974 near Magnolia, Arkansas)

18) Reader Railroad (November 4, 1974, the "Possom Trot" Line. Old crossing still visible on Arkansas Highway 4 about 4 miles north of Waterloo, Arkansas, old depot at Reader, tourist sign pointing to boarding spot, line of coaches once used for excursions)

19) Prescott & Northwestern RR (November 4, 1974 at Blevins and Tokio, Arkansas)

20) Memphis, Paris & Gulf (November 4, 1974 at Bingen, Arkansas, which is 3 miles northeast of Nashville, old storefronts at Bingen and between Nashville and Ashdown, Arkansas)

21) DeQueen & Eastern (November 4, 1974 at Dierks showing TO&ERR Locomotive No. D-4)

22) Graysonia, Nashville & Ashdown (November 4, 1974, five miles south of Nashville, depot at Mineral Springs)

23) Louisiana & Arkansas (November 5, 1974, four miles south of Hope, Arkansas, L&A Freight depot at Hope, L&A passenger depot at Hope)

24) Missouri Pacific (November 5, 1974, depot at Hope, Arkansas)

25) Dardanelle, Ola & Southern (October 28, 1974 near Centerville, Arkansas)